Designer and Illustrator


My name is Matt Roberts and I’m a Designer and Illustrator and have been for over 5 years.

I can either be seen working at a desk or out running in the British countryside. In 2015, I ran over 300 miles across the country for two children’s charities, Chestnut Tree and Nelson’s Journey. With a fresh look on what can be achieved through ambition, I set up as a Freelancer.


I work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, and various budgets to help them engage with their customers through print or digital.

Every project is different, but the main things that I do are:

Where I work

I like to mix the environments I work in. It’s important for me to be moving and experiencing different surroundings. It fuels a creative mind and allows me to engage with new people and surroundings. I have a weekly base at the co-working studio, Cohub in Eastbourne, East Sussex. I split my time between working there and remotely, indoors or outdoors.

Having flexibility in where I work allows me to complete projects wherever is best for the client I’m working with. This could be in a café, an art gallery, or alongside you in your office.


Every project starts with a doodle, a sketch, a scribble. Putting pen to paper first is how I work. It’s a natural way of producing ideas quickly and effectively.

Every project I work on also starts with a face-to-face meeting and a cup of tea. Relaxed and informal in an environment that works for you. Your office, a café or somewhere in between. Building up relationships between people is as important as building up relationships between businesses and their customers.

Who I work with

Over the years I’ve worked with top design agencies, enthusiastic start-up companies, independent organisations and established businesses.

Being freelance allows me to work in all types of setups but one thing is consistent – I work with other passionate people who believe in what they do.

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