Why Conserve

Branding an environmental start-up


The aim was to make conservation more accessible and to encourage positive action. When Nathan, founder of Why Conserve, approached me to help build a visual identity in this extremely broad field, there were lots of discussions about how best to approach the topic and to define the core themes to represent – nature, energy and food.


The underline device was introduced into the logo to allow for different topics to be addressed in various applications i.e. ‘Why Conserve Water.’ This allowed for continuity of the brand in email campaigns, i.e. ‘Why Conserve Issue Five’.


As a start-up, it was important for a consistent visual identity to be created that allowed for the flexibility of an evolving project. The imagery Matt produced was the perfect complement, achieved by understanding the objectives of the project, it’s growing audience and being responsive to their online behaviours.

Nathan, Why Conserve

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